Government Contracting 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Friday, August 28, 2020

The Government Contracting industry is starved for talent. The demand is high! At any given moment you can find over 20k Federal Government Contracting job openings – including over 4k jobs for Federal Business Developers and Proposal Managers.

However, our industry has a problem.

The ecosystem is evolving at a rapid rate, is more geographically dispersed, and the need for “cross-training” professionals is at an all-time high. All of these pain points are well-known throughout the industry, but little has been done to address them. Until now.

In August 2020, The Pulse of GovCon created, presented, and recorded GovCon 101: Teaching the Basics to Market Entrants. For ease of use, we have divided this 4-hour series is divided into 2 parts.

GovCon 101: Part 1 provides a broad overview of the complex history and inner workings of the ecosystem. The objective of this training is to arm participants with the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in the industry. It provides a baseline for the foundational concepts of what Government Contracting is and how it fits into the federal government acquisition and procurement life-cycle. Part 1 includes:

  • History of Government Contracting
  • Today’s current role of the Government Contracting ecosystem
  • Breakdown of the federal acquisition and procurement life-cycle
  • Deep-dive of the types of roles and responsibilities typically found internal at a Government Contracting organization**

**this primarily focuses on the internal positions found within the growth and/or business development vertical(s) such as Business Developers, Capture Managers, and Proposal Managers

In GovCon 101: Part 2, we narrow our focus on the string that ties these three growth and business development roles together – the entire federal proposal life-cycle. Each phase of the federal proposal life-cycle is discussed in-depth from pre-RFP to contract award to include what type of activities and tasks should be occurring during each phase.

Interested in these trainings? Click here to register and watch today. 

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