Government Contracting Dictionary (GovCon from A – Z)

In collaboration with ZYGOS Consulting, we are bringing you our first edition of the Federal Government Contracting Dictionary.

DUNS to UEI: What Could Go Wrong?

It’s been ten years in the making so why has the UEI transition process been so painful? The Pulse breaks down what happened and what went (or is still going) wrong.

Conflicts of Interest in GovCon

We discuss the impact of new COI policies on the federal government contracting industry and Contracting Officials (K/COs).

4th Quarter (Q4) Spending Statistics in Government Contracting

No one in GovCon is a stranger to these seasonal trends, but this time it feels like we are all counting on a little extra Q4 magic. Naturally skeptical as we are, we felt compelled to do a little digging to find out if the Q4 hype is real.

The Basics: Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Looking to understand the basics of the Department of Agriculture (USDA)? Learn here about USDA's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

The Basics: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Looking to understand the basics of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)? Learn here about NASA's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

Category Management: 3 Years Later

It has been 3 years since we discussed category management! We think it's time to revisit the topic and find out how the controversial policy is impacting industry today.

The Basics: Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Looking to understand the basics of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? Learn here about FDA's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

The Basics: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Looking to understand the basics of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)? Learn here about NIH's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

The Basics: Department of Health and Human Services

Looking to understand the basics of the Department of Health and Human Services? Learn here about HHS's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

The Basics: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Looking to understand the basics of FDIC? Learn here about FDIC's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

The Basics: Department of Veterans Affairs

Looking to understand the basics of the Department of Veterans Affairs? Learn here about VA's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

Stuck in the Middle of GovCon: An Analysis of Private Equity Involvement on the Middle Tier

In this report, we aim to explore the impact of private equity activity and speculate as to whether small businesses will one day need to pursue private equity to stay competitive in GovCon.

The Basics: Department of State (DOS)

Looking to understand the basics of the State Department? Learn here about DOS's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

The Basics: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Looking to understand the basics of the National Science Foundation? Learn here about NSF's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

FY22 Preparation Guide: Presidential and Federal Agency Budget Requests

Not only is it important to understand the budgetary lifecycle and elements for business development purposes, but this guide helps you identify key focus areas, initiatives, and challenges in FY22.

The Basics: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Looking to understand the basics of the Department of Homeland Security? Learn here about the Department's purpose, organization, and procurement trends.

Federal SBIR and STTR Opportunities Explained

The Pulse sat down with Tyler Sweatt from Second Front Systems to learn more about how and when federal agencies utilize SBIR and STTR programs.

Federal Teaming Arrangements

Mastering the federal teaming arrangements process is essential for contractors to establish a winning strategy. This free resource guide explains the ins/outs of these arrangements.

How to Find Your Audience in Government Contracting

Similar to any effective federal bid strategy, a successful marketing and communications plan in Government Contracting starts with research.

30 Key Elements of a Federal Pipeline

Taking the time to establish a federal pipeline is critical to business development efforts. Here are some tips to build a rewarding tool!

Why are Federal Pipelines Important?

Federal opportunity pipelines are the life-blood of Government Contracting firms, but what is their purpose? Find out here!

How to Unseat a Federal Incumbent Using Data Analytics

This article teaches Government Contractors how to utilize federal open-source data to effectively analyze their PWin for contracts against an established incumbent – all while increasing competition and driving out underperforming competitors.

FY21 Opportunity Outlook for Federal Contractors

The Pulse explored federal discretionary spending directives to identify FY21 contract opportunities for Government Contractors.

A Decade in Federal Discretionary Spending

The Pulse reviewed the last 10 years of Federal discretionary spending data and high-impact market trends critical to Government Contractors.

BD in the IC: Developing Business in the Intel Community

The relationship between the IC and GovCon has always been complicated. We know playing in the IC is an artful game as information and opportunities are organized, funded, and “classified” differently. So how do you, the Government Contractor, develop business within the IC?

Automation Tools in Government Contracting

Tune into this episode of Game Changers to hear Lisa Shea Mundt's thoughts on automating aspects of the bid and proposal process.

What is Price-to-Win?

What is Price-to-Win and why is it an important concept in your proposal development? Find out how Price-to-Win is more than a number.

Government Contracting 101: A Beginner’s Guide

In August 2020, The Pulse of GovCon created, presented, and recorded GovCon 101: Teaching the Basics to Market Entrants.

The Cancellation Heard ‘Round the Beltway: A2SB

The Pulse explores how the cancellation of GSA's Alliant 2 Small Business (A2SB) shook an already fragile industry.

Oral Presentations for Government Proposals

Government Contracting oral presentations are theater. The Pulse offers a few best practices to get your team ready for the stage.

End of Fiscal Year 2020 Preparation Guide + Roadmap

The Pulse released our Q4 Fiscal Year 2020 Preparation Guide: Civilian + Defense Roadmap. A Special Report available exclusively to our Pulse Insider + SME members. This 34-page report contains the critical information Government Contractors need to strategize where to focus their energy, resources, and workforce over the next three months.

How to Find Government Contracting Intelligence for Free

“You need to pay for Government Contracting intelligence” is one of the biggest lies in our industry.  The data is just need to know where to look.  The Pulse has provided four tangible ways to capture this intelligence online.

5 Tips for Expanding into Government Contracting

Most companies enter the Government Contracting marketplace ill-prepared to work in the field of Federal Procurement. The Pulse has provided you with our top five tips to consider as you expand into Government Contracting.

A Deep Dive into Reading and Responding to a Federal Solicitation

Back in early April, The Pulse and Public Spend Forum provided a free workshop on how to outline a Federal!

Coronavirus: Government Contractor Usage Report

Our evolving coronavirus analysis addresses guidance issued by Federal agencies and related spending that has been disbursed across the Federal Government.

Government Contracting During a Pandemic

From the desk of Ryan Bradel, Partner at Ward & Berry PLLC, here is what contractors need to know about government contracting during a pandemic.

How to Protest Proof Your Federal Proposal: Part 1

The Pulse sat down with Elizabeth Jochum to find out what Federal Protest Attorneys look for in acts against compliance and how you can use this to "protest proof" your federal proposal.

Does March Mean Spending Madness in Government Contracting?

We all know the man, the myth, the legend which is Q4 of the Government Contracting Fiscal Year. But did you know, outside of expected Q4 FY spending sprees, the Federal Government discretionary spending peaks traditionally during the months of March and April every year. This influx makes March Madness in our Nation’s Capital more than just college basketball…

SEO and Government Contracting: Optimizing the Search Engine in Your Favor

To discuss how you, the Government Contractor, can leverage SEO to attract federal buyers, The Pulse sat down again with Google SEO expert, Janet Waring, from ModelB, a modern digital marketing agency.

Government Affairs without Breaking the Bank – How to Use Congressional Intel in GovCon

Government Contractors have a lot to juggle. They are tasked to find opportunities on beta.SAM, make sure they are up to date with cost accounting standards, and monitor the ever moving target of their socio-economic classification. Yet there is one more less-discussed avenue Government Contractors need to monitor to stay ahead of the curve – publicly available Congressional documents.

Fiscal Year 2019 Breakdown

We are 70 days into Fiscal Year 2020 and the final Fiscal Year 2019 numbers are finally in! As Government Contractors gear up for Q2 of Fiscal Year 2020, The Pulse wanted to take some time to reflect on how Fiscal Year 2019 turned out.

Resource Guide: Cross-Training Your Business Development Team

The Pulse has pulled together our suggestions on how to cross-train your Bid & Proposal teams to give your organization durability, agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

What is the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)?

We sat down with Mr. Alexander W. Major, a Partner at McCarter & English and Co-Leader of the firm’s Government Contracts and Export Controls Practice Group, to discuss what exactly we should be expecting from our Industry’s Greatest Show on Earth.

Shaping Opportunities in Government Contracting

On October 8th, The Pulse of GovCon and Eastern Foundry teamed up to facilitate an open and honest discussion on industry best practices and pitfalls when shaping in opportunity in government contracting.

“Other Transaction Authority” in the Federal Government

We are venturing out again to create a simplistic resource guide for Government Contractors to assist them in their journey to understand the history, application, and the opportunity behind this creative procurement tool.

Resource Guide: SBA Socio-Economic Programs

After weeks of scouring, vetting, and verifying — The Pulse has pulled together a one-stop reference guide for what it takes to get your socio-economic certification. Each certification has its own enumerated steps and any other necessary, supplemental information.

Proposal Outlining in Government Contracting

On August 20th, The Pulse of GovCon and Eastern Foundry teamed up to facilitate an open and honest discussion on industry best practices and pitfalls when creating a proposal outline in response to a Federal Government Request for Proposal (RFP). 

Fiscal Year 2019 Breakdown and Q4 Predictions

The countdown to the (fiscal) new year has begun - we are a mere 54 days away from Fiscal Year 2020 - so The Pulse wanted to take a moment to reflect how Fiscal Year 2019 has progressed, analyze what Q4 will hold, and begin to prepare for Fiscal Year 2020.

What Exactly is the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program?

We sat down with Mr. Ed Bassett from NeoSystems, an Organization that assists Federal Government contractors and other cloud-driven businesses by enabling, running and securing their business through dedicated security and compliance.

Business Development in Government Contracting

On June 19th, The Pulse of GovCon and Eastern Foundry teamed up to facilitate an open and honest discussion on what it takes to be successful in not only hiring a Business Development professional, but also in performing business development functions in this highly competitive environment.

GovCon Marketing: Your Aesthetic Sells

The Pulse of GovCon sat down with Ms. Janet Waring, to discuss how to market for Government Contractors!

Show Me the [GovCon] Money!

On May 28th the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released their latest infographic summarizing the Federal Government Contracting landscape in Fiscal Year 2018. And because you know we are all about the details - The Pulse has decided to shred GAO’s infographic and present the collective elements which made up Fiscal Year 2018 in Government Contracting.

Missed Connections Between Government Buyers and Contractors

The Pulse of GovCon, Lunarline, and Public Spend Forum came together to discuss the actual value of three pertinent GovCon elements and evaluate Industry’s ROI

Is Your Federal Proposal Really a Binding Contract?

Your Pulse gals sat down with Ryan C. Bradel, an experienced Federal GovCon Lawyer with Ward & Berry, PLLC, to find out the answers to the GovCon legal questions you’ve been too afraid to ask.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Sometimes working an interesting Government contract can feel like finding the golden ticket. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, The Pulse has decided to re-visit the glittery and shiny agency that has had our attention — the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Category Management: The Holy Grail of Federal Procurement

This concept of efficiency is as alluring as it is elusive. It’s an intangible motivator that both excites GovCon with its possibilities while also evoking fear from the absolutism of its power.

The Pulse’s [Partial] Shutdown To-Do List

This shutdown is unfortunate, but we recommend Government Contractors try to use the time effectively in the interim. We aren’t here to pontificate on what is going on - you have numerous outlets for that - but what we want to contribute are a few ideas to keep you, the Government Contractor, from going stir crazy while we wait out this storm.

Preconceptions of PowerPoint Presentations

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told there is only one way to put together a PowerPoint for a presentation. One golden standard “best practice” to ensure your audience is engaged while you’re speaking.

Q4 Federal Government Spending Statistics: Will Q4 FY18 be the Biggest Spending Spree Industry Has Seen Yet?

No one in GovCon is a stranger to these seasonal trends, but this time it feels like we are all counting on a little extra Q4 magic. Naturally skeptical as we are, we felt compelled to do a little digging to find out if the Q4 hype is real.

Introducing Your Pulse Admins

It’s been a long year—filled with late nights, dizzying brainstorming sessions, and a steep learning curve, all masked under a cloak of intriguing secrecy. From the bottom of our cynical little hearts, we thank you for putting your trust in us as we were nothing but an idea in its infancy.

Department of Commerce & the Census Bureau

Despite its alluring mission of promoting economic growth, the Department of Commerce could be considered the wallflower of GovCon customers; it’s technically at the dance, but not shaking it wildly out on the floor.

Federal “Other Transaction” Authority Mythbusting

From reports saying that “OTAs” are a new procurement method, and others saying this is the future of just DoD R&D procurement, we are here to debunk and clarify. You can call us the GovCon MythBusters.

Mergers & Acquisitions Impacting the Government Contracting Industry

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in GovCon is nothing new, but the playing field is starting to look less like a game of golf, and more like a round of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Government Contracting

The noise around AI has been a buzz that is steadily turning into a fanfare- but do we in GovCon really know what it entails?

The 12 Days of Government Contracting

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your favorite GovCon experts.

Government Contracting Resources We Are Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, your Pulse gals would love to share our gratitude for helpful and informational resources in this topsy-turvy industry.

General Services Administration (GSA)

The General Services Administration (GSA) is everyone’s favorite love-to-hate “mission enabler,” charged with “delivering the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to Government and the American people”. However, over the past 68 years, we have seen GSA’s area of responsibility morph into monstrous proportions.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

It’s easy to forget about the second “A” in the acronym (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) but this buzzword should be in the forefront of the Government Contractors mind.