The Company

Founded in 2017, The Pulse™ is a small, self-funded, women-owned, for-profit business located in the DMV region. The Pulse is GovCon is an Advisory firm that focuses on providing actionable Business Intelligence tools and data to empower Government Contractors.

The Pulse was founded to break down barriers across the Government Contacting ecosystem and bridge the fundamental gaps surrounding federal procurement through our writing, training, consulting, and customized membership platform. We serve as an accessible supplemental resource for large-,mid-, and small-sized Government Contractors, as well as the U.S. federal government, media, trade organization, academia, and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs), finding, translating, and analyzing complex federal procurement information and data to develop actionable solutions. 

As a boutique federal market intelligence and research consultancy firm, we work with our clients and partners to tell the full U.S. federal procurement story – from data trends to opportunity identification to personal linkages. By putting the human element back into federal procurement data, we connect historical data to the current federal competitive landscape to deliver the critical context to the Government Contracting Industrial Base and its stakeholders.

What Makes The Pulse Different?

We are rebuilding market intelligence, this time for the Government Contractor.

Find out how.

The Founders

The founders of The Pulse of GovCon have worked in and around U.S. federal procurement for over a decade. Each worked on over 200 federal proposal efforts, and in 2020 alone supported 49 companies with their U.S. federal bid and growth consulting needs.

Since 2017, The Pulse has supported over 20 tailored research projects relevant to U.S. federal procurement and has developed and facilitated over 25 pieces of training focused on understanding the Government Contracting Industrial Complex. 



Ms. Amber Hart is the Co-Founder of The Pulse of GovCon. She received her Bachelor’s in Conflict Analysis and Resolution & Global Affairs from George Mason University (GMU). A skilled Federal Business Developer, Ms. Hart has 12+ years’ experience in all aspects of selling to the Federal Government. She is an active member of the Professional Services Council (PSC), the President Elect of Women in Technology (WIT), and sits on the advisory board for the Center for Government Contracting at GMU. She brings critical knowledge and experience in navigating congressional and federal procurement data and sources, from legislation to appropriations and historical discretionary spending obligations, to The Pulse.

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Ms. Lisa Shea Mundt is the Co-Founder of The Pulse of GovCon. She received both her Master’s and Bachelor’s in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication (WRTC) from James Madison University (JMU). Ms. Mundt has 12+ years in Federal Proposal Development and expertise regarding the overall Business Development Acquisition Lifecycle. Leveraging her experience, she is an instructor and presenter on conceptual topics as they relate to the Government Contracting industry. She is a member of the AFCEA Small Business Committee and a Chairperson of Women in Technology. Ms. Mundt uses her experience to help manage the strategic business direction of The Pulse and works closely with clients to empower their growth efforts.

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