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Part9 API

Do you want access to the data pulled into The Pulse's interactive opportunity platform, Part9? Now you can easily call information from our API! Check out our API documentation here.

Pulse members with an account have the opportunity to purchase our API key. The Part9 API includes information on federal government contracts from,, and houses legacy data before it was decommissioned. Easily leverage our API key to integrate into your internal systems.

*You must have a Pulse account to purchase. Please login before purchasing.


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Get started with the Part9 API for free.

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  • 10 calls monthly


Best for Occasional Use


per month, billed monthly

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  • 250 calls monthly
  • ~.08 cents per call


Best for Frequent Use


per month, billed monthly

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  • 1500 calls monthly
  • ~.05 cents per call


Best for Enterprise Use


per month, billed yearly

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  • Quota
  • Starts at 1500+ calls monthly
  • Variable

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