What is BD 360°? It’s a simple method that bridges each element of the federal sales process aimed to drive conscious action and intentional growth in the federal marketplace.  

The Pulse of GovCon’s proven system approaches federal contracting sales from all sides – from Policy to Proposals, and has directly resulted in real government contractors succeeding in the federal market.

Our BD 360° Intensives are one-day workshops that deliver actionable education pertinent to all federal sales professionals.

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Course Format: This intensive is in-person and includes instruction, dialogue, and practical exercises across four primary modules. Participants apply these valuable skills during several hands-on exercises and daily activities.

Bonus Materials: Besides skills and knowledge, participants leave the training with critical guides and templates to implement their learning. This includes:

  • Federal Opportunity Strategy Facilitator
  • Federal Proposal Win Theme Formula Worksheet
  • Step-By-Step Federal Pipeline Review Process and Template



Learn how congressional actions, regulations, and bills impact the “who, what, when, where, and how” of discretionary funding.

Participants gain a thorough understanding of the various statutes, regulations, and procedures influencing the day-to-day federal contracting ecosystem. Skills and knowledge areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding the intersections between the federal budget process and federal acquisition lifecycle
  • Recognizing the federal customer buying process and the objectives behind the federal acquisition process
  • Roles and responsibilities of major players in the acquisition process to include identifying principal contracting functions
  • Distinguishing appropriations from authorizations, relevant policy documents, funding cycles, and discretionary dollar breakdowns
  • Working through the noise to identify proposed policies that may impact your organization
  • Participating in the policy process through regulatory comments and other advocacy channels


Learn how to analyze the market, competition, and federal consumer accurately.

Participants practice turning data into action by understanding the people, processes, and (free) tools required to conduct federal market research and gain applicable intelligence to pursue their next opportunity. Skills and knowledge areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating opportunities out of external information and creative sources
  • Exploring and applying federal government trackers and tools
  • Identifying federal buyers and their spending trends
  • Using federal documents, reports, and testimonies to inform your federal sales strategy, including your marketing collateral, communications plan, and proposal efforts
  • Noting misconceptions and shortcomings in all federal data and how to fill in the gaps


Learn what activities and tasks should occur at each phase of the contract acquisition lifecycle.

Participants focus on the string that ties the federal growth and business development roles together – the contract acquisition lifecycle. Through practical exercises, participants dive deep into each phase, from pre-RFP to contract award, including what activities and tasks should occur at each stage. Skills and knowledge areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing a winning strategy by shaping your position
  • Making more informed pursuit decisions through intentional opportunity assessments
  • Establishing, activating, and maintaining a federal sales pipeline
  • Communicating value all fiscal year long to federal and industry stakeholders
  • Preparing actionable capture plans that fully support proposal teams in the pursuit of a proposal win


Learn practical and critical skills to manage federal proposals in today’s global environment effectively.

With a focus on producing compliant and compelling responses to Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Quote (RFQ), or market research, this module teaches how to be competitive in any market.  Skills and knowledge areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing large, dispersed, and remote proposal elements from subcontractors to subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Establishing the right-fit infrastructure to develop, respond to, and submit a proposal
  • Identifying general personas that encompass the roles and responsibilities of a proposal response team
  • Developing a well-timed proposal schedule with appropriate milestones
  • Facilitating the necessary sessions, meetings, and check-ins to build a compelling and compliant response
  • Shredding a solicitation to create a compliant annotated writer’s outline
  • Examining proposal alignment to the instructions and evaluation factors


Lisa Shea Mundt, Co-Founder: Lisa has 12 years of experience in Federal Proposal Development and procurement trend analysis and reporting. She has touched more than 200 proposal efforts across a multitude of Government departments and agencies that vary in size and scope. In addition to her proposal abilities, Ms. Mundt is also a renowned training Facilitator experienced in training clients on Business Development, Capture Management, Proposal Management, and Orals Coaching.

Amber Hart, Co-Founder:  A skilled Federal Business Developer, Amber has 12+ years’ of experience in all aspects of selling to the Federal Government. She brings critical knowledge and experience in navigating congressional and federal procurement data and sources, from legislation to appropriations and historical discretionary spending obligations.