Special Report: COVID-19 Federal Procurement & Government Contractor Usage in FY20

Monday, March 23, 2020

This afternoon, The Pulse released an initial summary report available exclusively to our Insider + SME members exploring how the Federal Government is so far utilizing the Government Contracting ecosystem to support the urgent COVID-19 requirements.

The data in our report was obtained from FPDS-NG and beta.sam.gov. We believe it represents a portion of COVID-19 requirements that has been awarded to date.

Summary of Report:

  • Provides direct links and timeline of 22 OMB, DoD, and Federal Agency directives and memos relevant to COVID-19 requirements
  • Provides breakdown of total federal obligations (~$298M as of March 22nd)
  • Provides breakdown of federal spending across 16 agencies (HHS spending totals at $168M as of March 22nd)
  • Provides breakdown of federal vehicle usage and obligations across 51 separate vehicles (39% of all COVID-19 requirements have been purchased through previously established vehicles as of March 22nd)
  • Provides breakdown of vendor utilization and obligations across 163 separate vendors (50% of all COVID-19 requirements have been obligated to Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. as of March 22nd)

As updates come in, The Pulse will continue to update this special report, as needed.

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