Resource Guide: Cross-Training Your Business Development Team

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

In Government Contracting, you have always been taught that business development, capture, and proposal management are separate functions. But as merger and acquisition activity continues to increase, trading businesses like baseball cards, one is finding that not all swimlanes are entirely clear.


Long gone are the days of hiring an internal Proposal Writer specifically to write your Past Performance volumes. Government Contracting has gotten leaner, meaner, and leadership is trying to cut Bid & Proposal costs wherever possible.

One of the frequently heard cliches in our industry today is, “I want to hire a unicorn”. Translation: I need one person to do more business development for less than the cost of building out a robust, niche team.

But unicorns are hard to find in the wild, which is why we suggest home growing your own. The perfect seeds to nourish are your Proposal Managers, who innately have the skills and knowledge base required to perform Business Development functions.

How can you make your Proposal Manager’s skills translate into BD? Download our free resource guide below.

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