Introducing Your Pulse Admins

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Have you ever had a drink with a friend and decided it was a good idea to start a band?

It’s that empowering feeling you get when you realize you have something good to offer the world, and a friend to help you achieve it. That’s the feeling we had when they started creating content for The Pulse of GovCon a year ago in October 2017.

It’s been a long year—filled with late nights, dizzying brainstorming sessions, and a steep learning curve, all masked under a cloak of intriguing secrecy. From the bottom of our cynical little hearts, we thank you for putting your trust in us as we were nothing but an idea in its infancy.

Now we can proudly say this idea has outgrown anonymity. With that, we feel it’s time for you to meet your Pulse Admins:

What is your history in GovCon?

I started out working an internship at a large GovCon where I was mentored by two amazing industry leaders that threw me straight into the deep end. It has been baptism by fire ever since. From carrying Seaport-E proposal boxes around Dahlgren on foot to cold calling FedGov customers to handling the deployment of 120 FTEs to OCONUS FOBs – my life in GovCon has been a wild ride with no signs of stopping.

What skill sets do you bring to The Pulse?

GovCon Business Development, GovCon Strategy, Capture Management, Fact Dissemination, Legislation, Social Media.

What do you hope to achieve with The Pulse?

I want to show “the world” how fascinating, interconnected, and imperative GovCon is to their day-to-day.

What is your biggest GovCon pet peeve?

The inconsistency in the federal data, messaging, and approach.

What is your history in GovCon?

I was raised on GovCon. I was the only 10 year old who knew what a proposal was, even if all I knew was that it “made Dad tired”. I started out as a Proposal Analyst, but quickly became a Proposal Manager due to my knack for obsessive organization and a flair for the dramatic. Putting together proposals gave me the necessary insight into how our country is run, and I have yet to look back.

What skill sets do you bring to The Pulse?

Proposal Management, Training Facilitation, Writing, Strategy, Business Management.

What do you hope to achieve with The Pulse?

I want to help the little guys and level the playing field. We know companies outside of the biggies can operate well on these contracts, but sometimes they need a little extra help getting there.

What is your biggest GovCon pet peeve?

People act like GovCon is some kind of rocket science. Sure, you may bid on a contract that literally makes rockets, but the principles of procurement aren’t as hard-and-fast as all that. So many others before us have equated success in GovCon to numbers – when really it’s about the people.

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