How to Market Your GSA Schedule

Monday, May 15, 2023

A General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule is the most streamlined federal procurement process, allowing the government to find you and buy fast. The federal government spends over $30B yearly purchasing services and products through the GSA Schedule program across 12 categories.

For the last 20 years, GSA eBuy Program has been one of the most reliable tools for federal business for a reason. With 24/7 access, the Program is continuously open for bids and provides you with admittance to an exclusive marketplace.

Holding a Schedule, also known as a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), is equivalent to having a Best-In-Class (BIC) Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) or a highly effective IDIQ…but better.

Why is a GSA Schedule is important

One of the most significant benefits of a GSA Schedule is that it provides company validation to federal buyers. In short, an active GSA Schedule demonstrates that you, the federal contractor, are:

So how do you make your GSA Schedule work for you?

The Pulse has come up with four ways to make your GSA Schedule work more effectively for your business:

  1. Get in the right (selling) frame of mind
  2. Understand your value proposition
  3. Create and execute a targeted marketing campaign
  4. Translate what you gathered

Get in the Right (Selling) Frame of Mind

The first step is identifying WHO in the government frequently uses your GSA Schedule. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Who is continuously buying?
  • Who has done it in the past?
  • Who recently put out market research? Who is buying under what SIN?

Understand Your Value Proposition

Now that you know the playing field, you can look inward to set yourself up for success. Of course, you can’t be everything to everyone, so focus on what your organization does well. Concentrate on one or two functional areas you can vigorously market now can fast-track your opportunities and relationships. Ask yourself are:

  • What are my strongest past performance references? Company or personnel? Are they documented?
  • What customer space am I currently in now? Where could I now ‘walk the halls’?

Create and Execute a Targeted Marketing Campaign

Before diving into your targeted marketing campaign, you must develop personas focusing on decision-making individuals with buying power within your targeted agency and identify which team members should contact them.  The designation of contact responsibilities should be based on the individual’s project portfolio, cross commonalities, or company status – depending on the requirement. In general, however, this essential advice applies:

  • Know your federal customer buyer
  • Develop a persona for each buyer
  • Ethically stalk them
  • Stay organized

Translate What You Gathered

The next step in the search for federal customer knowledge and understanding is gaining insight into what your buyer is looking for in the way of a solution. However, having the information isn’t good enough—you also need to start translating the customer’s wants and desires into the company’s abilities, technologies, and innovations.

The “GSA Schedules Brand,” if appropriately utilized, can help you help the federal government (and state and local governments sometimes!) with little paperwork, red tape, and competition.

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