Missed Connections Between Government Buyers and Contractors

Monday, May 27, 2019

We live in a world of missed connections – and Government Contracting (GovCon) is no exception to this phenomenon.

It is no secret that the Federal Government and the GovCon Industrial Base are consistently speaking a different language, and our fundamental truths are disjointed. Whether it’s the disconnect between you and your Federal buyer, or best practices and operational reality, these fragmented concepts are quietly impacting your bottom line.

The Pulse of GovCon, Lunarline, and Public Spend Forum came together to discuss the actual value of three pertinent GovCon elements and evaluate Industry’s ROI:

  1. Key Personnel

  2. Government Market Research

  3. Best In Class Contracts (BICs)

The discussion focused on:

  • If other contractors really have a “deep bench” of key personnel, and if they do, why do people still bait and switch?

  • Why some contractors refuse to submit RFIs and Sources Sought, and how you can leverage their opposing strategy into your own.

  • The pros and cons of proposal scoring sheets and the unfortunate subjectivity behind these contracts…which are supposed to be the “best.”

Check out the webinar recording on Public Spend Forum’s YouTube channel!

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