Automation Tools in Government Contracting

Monday, November 9, 2020

Why are there so many vendors in the Government Contracting industry trying to push automation tools? Is automation in bid and proposal efforts help or a hindrance? Tune into this episode of Game Changers to hear Lisa Shea Mundt’s, Co-Founder of The Pulse of GovCon LLC, advice on what makes sense for a small business with a limited budget.

Years ago The Pulse started noticing a trend in the Government Contracting ecosystem – big data/analytics promising a bright future in the form of contract wins. We are here to remind the industry that data is important but context is crucial. The subjectivity scares people because that means our industry is unpredictable! It’s why we have problems with an overreliance on automated tools because contracts are won and lost over relationships, implicitly biased critiques, and at the end of the day, these decisions are made by people – not machines. That’s what The Pulse means by human element – people are what make Government Contracting companies successful.

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