The Pulse’s [Partial] Shutdown To-Do List

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Well, we have now entered Week 3 of the partial Federal Government shutdown. Sigh.

This shutdown is unfortunate, but we recommend Government Contractors try to use the time effectively in the interim. We aren’t here to pontificate on what is going on – you have numerous outlets for that – but what we want to contribute are a few ideas to keep you, the Government Contractor, from going stir crazy while we wait out this storm.

Govcon’s [partial] shutdown To-Do List:

  1. Use this time to be creative and brainstorm and strategize new technical approaches

  2. Work on your target customer communications plan

  3. Start thinking about new marketing and outreach techniques

  4. Write those White Papers you have been talking about

  5. Collect, document and update your key personnel /workforce resumes

  6. Get those 2018 company accomplishments on paper and documented

  7. Bring your SMEs into a war room to work on that “must win” proposal ahead of time

  8. Clean up and update those proposal graphics you use over and over again

  9. Collect qualitative program/project metrics for future proof points

  10. Update your website, social media, and other branding/communication materials

Just because it’s not bringing in direct dollars doesn’t mean there’s not an ROI. And it will give your Government Contractor personnel an opportunity to not miss a paycheck.

When the Federal Government does fully re-open, we recommend all Government Contractors (both Large and Small) keep this in mind: there will be a backlog of work for those returning to those Agencies after being furloughed. Our FedGov workforce colleagues are people too so they’re not going to want to entertain phone calls or meetings until they feel like they are back on track, getting their work done, and are settled.

Always follow-up, be pleasantly persistent – but remember that they too have been impacted and no one likes coming back to a messy desk.

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