FY21 Q4 Preparation Guide: Civilian + Defense Roadmap

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FY21 Q4 Preparation Guide: Civilian + Defense Roadmap


This 45+ page report comprehensively contextualizes and summarizes current FY21 federal spending data to help Government Contractors decide where to focus their energy, resources, and workforce over the next three months. This report is free to Pulse Insiders and SME members and can be accessed through the membership portal under "Special Reports".  

The Q4 FY21 Preparation Guide: Civilian + Defense Roadmap highlights pertinent stats of various Federal Agencies (and their Military Departments) by providing a detailed breakdown summarizing:

  • Current FY21 Federal Obligations to demonstrate which Federal agencies have significant procurement funds remaining.
  • Q4 Comparisons Across the Federal Government provides a brief overview of Q4 spending trends.
  • Independent Federal Agency Profiles provides a breakdown of each Federal agency’s spending activities in FY21, Q4 spending trends, and some of our predictions. We also touch on small business spending (who is meeting their goals, who is not) and purchase card usage in Q4.

With this guide, you have the critical ingredients required to develop a competitive sales strategy to close out FY21.

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