What is Part9?

Part9 is an interactive search platform using custom logic to translate data from SAM.gov, Challenge.gov, Grants.gov, and legacy FBO.gov information into usable federal opportunity pipelines. Part9 can be used to 

  • Watch and track active bids 
  • Research awarded contacts
  • Prepare for upcoming opportunities.  

The Pulse™ developed a platform built around the nuanced GovCon language fluent to those in federal business development. This is truly #bdwithoutthebs.

What are the features?

Features include:


  • Users can filter by “Status”, “Date”, “Set-Aside”, “Source”, “CFDA” “Federal Agency”, “Office” and/or “Place of Performance”


  • Once users have made their filter selection, users can change their row display count  and scroll through the pages at the bottom of the table.
  • Users can also change what columns they see and their order using the “Customize Data View” button


  • Part9 allows users to globally search by term found in any non-date and non-description row.
  • Users can use a keyword search within any of the column headings. 
  • Users can change the order the information appears by clicking on the column headings


  • Click the “Eye” icon for a full view of an opportunity.
  • All listings link back to the original posting. Note: any historical FBO will have a broken link. This may also apply to some archived SAM.gov and grants.gov links.


  • Users can export opportunities directly into their pipeline by using the “Action” button! Export options include CSV, Excel, or Text.


  • Users can set their Digest Preferences and tailor their weekly digest to their own Federal Agency and NAICS preferences, and exercise control over their own platform experience. When selecting either your Agency and/or NAICS preference, users must verify that they have selected preferences for both Federal Agency and NAICS. If both selections are not verified, users’ risk not receiving their entire customized Weekly Digest


  • Users can create custom saves for their searches! Once you have a predetermined set of filters, you can name them and search for contracts and opportunities.


  • Manage your opportunities and get timely email updates when things change. Email preferences apply to all contracts listed under your “Watched Opportunities” page
  • Users can flag and “watch” opportunities that interest them! View them and their modifications on the “My Opportunities” page.

What’s with the name?

In his book, “History of Government Contracting,” James F. Nagle explores the historical evolution of the FAR we know and love today. Even then, our founding fathers addressed contractor qualifications in Part 9. Originally, only “men of substance and talents” were allowed to win Government contracts.

Government Contracting must have been so much simpler then.

We may not be men, but we are substantive and talented, and we’ve made it our responsibility to help you, our fellow Government Contracting colleagues, efficiently search through open source federal procurement sites using our custom framework.

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